Who we are?

Tri Tee Global Inc has evolved and established a true business model based on which it has created a large customer range from corporate, food industry, trading community, etc., all over India by delivering maximum customer fulfillment. Our endeavor over the past few years, of glorious effort, have always been towards creating and providing the best. Tri Tee Global Inc has employed essential and ample competitive manpower, machineries and logistical supports compatible with modern software technology to maintain the quality and delivery lead-time.

Tri Tee Global Inc deal with a extensive variety of Agricultural Products such as Rice, Spices (Grinded & whole), Millets, Seeds, chilies etc. We have been dealing in this sector for the past 10 years & are fully diversified in our meadow.

Tri Tee Global Inc spices in the glasses

Our Services

Employing best standard in the business to care our customer needs.

Extract and accurate weighing is made for even a small gram of packet. We sell the products in our Brand name and supplier Brand name also. However, we also make the quality and packing/marking as per the buyers brand name and requirements. We maintain a large inventory so that we give our buyers a very fast delivery. We have adequate storing space available with in-house container stuffing facilities.