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Coriander seed is very popular and grown all over India. The plant is small with tiny branches, which bear leaves and inflorescence.

These flowers turn in to small sized, round shaped seeds having two segments, and are known as Dhania. Fresh leaves ( as favoring agent ) and dried Dhania seeds ( as spices ) are used in curries, chutney etc. Dhania has aromatic oil and is slightly pungent.

This is a great flavoring agent, stimulant, carminative helps in stomach ache and gripping pain, tranquiliser Dhania Coriander Seed. Germicidal, diuretic, anti pyretic curtails excessive requirement of water in digestive system and is a tonic Dhania Coriander Seed.


Coriander (Dhania) seeds are obtained from coriander plant (Coriandrum sativum). CoriandeTajagro Dhania (Coriander seed)r plant, especially leaves, are used widely in many culinary culture commonly known as cilantro (from Spanish name) in the United States. Coriander seeds are used as either whole or ground. The ground coriander powder is also part of spice mixture such as garam masala. Usually coriander seeds are roasted before grounding and whole seeds are roasted or fried before use. The grounded coriander seeds would lose its flavor soon so the best option is to use fresh or store in air tight container. The dhania seeds that we offer are purely hygienic and when used during cooking it can add desired taste and distinct flavor to the cuisine. Its special aroma can enhance even a simply cooked item. Used in different curries, main courses and others, these dhania seeds make the cooked item worth relishing.

The dry fruits are known as coriander seeds. The seeds have a lemony citrus flavor when crushed, due to the presence of the terpenes linalool and pinene. It is also described as warm, nutty, spicy, and orange-flavored. They are usually dried but can be eaten green.